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Your Turnkey Projects partner - turnkey

We integrate engineering, constructions, know-how
and technology to develop and realize your vision

Whether you want to start a new business or upgrade
an existing facility, it all starts with a vision.
With Agrotop you can turn it into reality.
Our process for a successful project and Agro-business

1.  Understanding your vision, needs and goals

  • We outline your vision and set clear goals for the project.

  • Determine the resources, the time frame and make a first cost estimate.

  • Research of the climatic conditions of the site and the urban regulations.

  • Summary document, including an estimated budget.

2. General Design

  • Choice of technology by our biotechnologist for the climate.

  • An outline of the project has been designed by our engineering department.

  • Visit your site to verify the condition of land, roads, wind direction, logistics, biological safety and much more.

  • General plan of the project based on Topographic maps

3. Creating a Business Plan

  • Feasibility study and verification of market needs and conditions.

  • Sensitivity analysis, Summary.

  • Short-term, medium-term and long-term financing solutions.

  • A complete business plan for your proposed project.

4. Detailed Project Plan

  • Design of every element of the project.

  • Drawings of civil engineer, construction, electrician and mechanical engineer.

  • Establish Gantt timetables and charts.

5. Project Execution

  • Logistics and delivery of project materials and components according to the schedule.

  • Supervision of local teams provided by the customer.

  • Continuous quality assurance review.

  • Smooth project operation, focused on fast return on investment (ROI).

6. Additional suggested services

  • Supervision and guidance by experts on the operation and maintenance of the project.

  • Visits to the site by our veterinarians, nutritionists and chief technology officer.

  • 24/7 support via remote connection.

  • In-depth training and transfer of know-how to a local team.


Agrotop is a world leader in turnkey poultry projects.

They provide the full range of services for the implementation of construction projects of livestock and agro-industrial projects, while focusing on the visions of our customers and maximizing their business results.


Agrotop has designed and built thousands of projects in more than 40 countries.

They are oriented to provide their services for different sizes of projects.

Their portfolio includes small portable farms, medium-sized and large farms, feed mills, hatcheries and slaughterhouses and huge solutions of full vertical integration.


To be the world leader in the industry based on consistent quality, execution, excellent customer service and continuous innovation.

Agrotop integrates engineering, construction, know-how and technology to provide a personalized solution for each customer.


It can provide all or part of the services required for Agro-project, from business plan consulting to design, maintenance and implementation.


In order to maximize the business results of our clients, we can offer local team training, transfer of know-how and full operational support of a project.


Agrotop was founded in 1989 as a subsidiary of Hapach Metal Industries, which has been active in the domestic market for more than 65 years.


Its offices are located in Timurim, Israel.

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