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By-Products & Waste Management

By-product treatment is not waste management, it is nutrient management!

None of the animal by-products are for throwing away!

Nutrient management

Mavitec specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality systems for the processing of animal by-products.  


Mavitec engineering equipment converts animal by-products into high quality proteins and oils, such as meat and bone meal, poultry meal, poultry meal, blood, fat and oil, suitable for use in pet foods, petrochemicals and / or pharmaceuticals.

Poultry by-products

One of Mavitec's specialties is the processing of poultry by-products, a process that handles all by-products from the slaughter process.


There are several ways to process poultry and the quality of the final product depends on the composition of the raw material you put in the system.

The processing of poultry by-products begins with feathers, blood, soft tissues (heads, legs, intestines), and dead birds.


All products can be turned into valuable end products. The main goal is to stabilize the products by removing moisture, sterilize the product and turn it into a mixture of protein and oil or plain protein. 

Analysis of proteins and fats

High nutritional value and high digestibility are the key ingredients for use in high quality pet food or animal feed. Mavitec continues to grow and its latest innovation is an in-line method of real-time analysis and optimization of product quality.


The in-line Near InfraRed Spectrometer (NIRS) provides real-time data on humidity, proteins, fats / oils, ash and FFA.

A fast, easy and reliable quality management and process control tool to get information about the quality of your final products.


This unit enables you to achieve the highest possible price from each batch or product stream.

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Mavitec Green Energy specializes in food waste and unpacking solutions with short payback times and high separation efficiency.


Mavitec Green Energy unpacking equipment separates the organic product from the packaging and offers the highest separation results on the market.


The  Paddle Depackers  are the heart of the recycling process for short products from supermarkets, restaurants,  hotels up to organic sidewalk waste, organic and household waste as well as commercial organic waste.


The  Paddle Depacker  has a sturdy and hard design with ease of maintenance. These are crucial features when it comes to food waste. Instead of many machines in a row, this machine can do it all in one, with clean soups and clean packaging materials!

The main success of our unpacking solutions is that they produce the cleanest biological pulp (> 99.5% pure) and the cleanest packaging materials, which complies with the latest legislation (<0.5% in dry matter).


Mavitec Green Energy sizing systems are designed to resize all fruits, vegetables, store returns, restaurant returns, agricultural by-products and various other products that can have smaller particle sizes.

The size reduction system consists of a hopper / tipping container / bucket or conveyor belt that feeds the material directly to the resizers.


Martinater, is a high speed hammer mill that crushes your material to the required size.

The system can be integrated into existing facilities (according to the production process) or stand-alone. The slurry coming out of the Martinater will be automatically pumped into a storage tank.


"Closing the system" (without open waste bins) and free of any odor, food waste is converted into a biological pulp that can be sold and handled easily and safely.

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Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 10.13.19.png
Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 10.44.49.png

Mavitec Green Energy presses are designed to reduce volume and weight.

Using Mavitec compression techniques, the moisture content of the packaging material or RDF streams will be significantly reduced.

The dehydration press reduces the moisture content of the packaged material and reduces the volume and weight in the best possible way.

The press for return products from supermarkets separates the organic material from various non-organic materials (packaging) and is also suitable for returns from restaurants or packaging / plastic with high organic residues.


The fat / oil recovery process handles all types  used cooking oils  .

These cooking oils come from multiple sources, such as snack bars or butter factories.  

For harder fats, such as butter at a lower capacity, we can heat the material with the heated screw that will melt the material for optimal results.

Optional pre-cutting of the package is possible with  Martinater 500  the  Martinater 700  .

Gasification: one  new way  manure utilization.

Maximize the value of your waste and improve the environment!

Gasification is a new way of solving manure problems by converting different types of manure into green energy and  EcoChar, a high value biocarbon with many applications.

The gasification process ensures  smaller environmental carbon footprint and will be one of the answers to our future energy needs.

Advantages of gasification:  

  • Solving waste / manure / organic waste / organic sludge challenges

  • Volume reduction up to 85%

  • Up to 55 tons of waste / manure per unit, per day (20-30% humidity).

  • Reduce farm CO2 emissions to improve carbon footprint

  • The high energy content of hot air can be used for  various applications

  • High steam production capacity (7.7 tons of steam, 10 bar)

  • The power generation capacity can easily reach 1 MW or more

  • Produces high quality  EcoChar  final product

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