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Sterilization with UV-C & Ozone

Air Purification & Surface Disinfection Systems

Eco-friendly with UV-C & Ozone technology

Since 1993, JIMCO A / S has been the company behind some of the most unique air and wastewater treatment and sterilization solutions in the world.

Today, the company supplies its products to a wide range of industries and institutions worldwide.
Its customer base includes factories in the food industry, commercial kitchens, sewage treatment plants, schools and nursing homes.
Small air purifiers

Air cleaning & disinfection for home, office and beyond.


With JIMCO small air purifiers you will have effective air purification with documented action.


Fresh air 24/7 - Easy and simple in your daily life.


A JIMCO UV-C lamp makes small air purifiers efficient without the use of filters or chemicals.

It has shown excellent results for clients with asthma, fatigue and respiratory problems.

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Kitchen pollution control

Air purification & pollution control with the JIMCO KPC SYSTEM

The company proceeded to the creation of equipment for application in chimneys and steam extraction systems of commercial and not only kitchens.

It is a simple and easily installable application on existing equipment based on the creation of an ozone-containing environment through UV-C radiation.


The whole system consists of panels with UV-C lamps, power supply and control. The lamps create an environment containing ozone inside the bubble of a kitchen which has the property of breaking down all organic substances (odors, fats, etc.) releasing clean odorless air into the atmosphere while preventing the "building" of fat inside the pipes.

No need to clean ducts anymore - keep your vents clean.  


UV-C disinfection

Disinfections Factories, Hospitals & Industrial Buildings.

Disinfect with more than 99.99% with JIMCO FLO-D Mini Mark 2 without filters, chemicals or water.

The FLO-D Mini Mark 2 is easy to move and can be used in many locations.


You will also be able to record data on surface disinfection with ozone and UV-C, so that you have documentation of your treatment. 

UV-C dosimeters

When it comes to UV-C disinfection,  To see is to believe

Intellego Technologies UVC dosimeters are trusted by the world's leading UV-C manufacturers to visibly demonstrate the power, performance and proof of their disinfection systems.


The UVC dosimeter  changes color  when exposed to UV-C energyso you can independently validate your devices and procedures to SEE if an optimal dose of UVGI has been delivered to a surface.  

UVC dosimeters are recommended for use during each disinfection cycle to provide visible confirmation and confidence to staff, patients and visitors.

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