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About Alpha Delta SA

ALPHA DELTA SA has been active in the field of poultry since 1986, covering needs from poultry farms to slaughter and processing equipment, with the guarantee and support of companies such as MEYN and PLASSON.


Our company has developed side by side with the poultry industry of the country, enriching the range of companies we represent, covering all the modern requirements of our customers for over 30 years.


Supply of hatching eggs by GHEKIERE, EMKA hatching units but also equipment for the transfer of eggs and chicks of the GIORDANO company.

In the field of broiler houses, in addition to PLASSON, we provide heating, ventilation, control panel solutions with companies such as AGROLOGIC, HONEYWELL and GIGOLA as well as dosing pump solutions  TEFEN  for animal health care and in poultry applications.

In addition, we can offer complete solutions for the construction broiler houses utilizing our experience in the industry.

In the slaughterhouse industry, we exclusively and proudly represent MEYN.

In addition, we represent world-renowned consumables companies such as ITA SYSTEM and DURAM, in tags, laces, depilatory tires, crates and products.

In order to better serve our customers and to meet their needs for special stainless steel constructions, we have concluded a cooperation agreement with a leading company in the industry.


Using state-of-the-art equipment, it can manufacture anything a unit needs, both in basic mechanical equipment and auxiliary equipment (from conveyor belts to production auxiliary parts), always adapted to the specifics of each customer.


One of the new big steps of the company is the field of further meat processing.


Our company is now the exclusive representative in Greece of two valuable meat processing companies.


These are PROVISUR with meat processing activity and MARELEC with fixed weight cutting systems - length or a combination of both, weighing and sorting with high precision control for the fishing and food industry.

PROVISUR is a group of companies, created with the acquisition of branded companies in the field of meat processing (such as FORMAX, WEILER, BEEHIVE, AM2C, LUTETIA, TST), in order to offer complete solutions to the needs of the industry.  

At the same time, it offers solutions to all the peripheral systems needed for connection, supply and transport of products in, to and from the production line, while it fully covers all the needs of its machines in consumables.

Robust construction, high-speed precision and the experience of people who can provide personalized solutions to each of our partners are the key elements that allow MARELEC to outperform the competition.


JIMCO A / S is the company behind some of the most unique air and surface treatment and sterilization solutions in the world.


Since the design of the first air purifier in 1993, JIMCO has not looked back. It has developed the patented UV-C & OZONE technology (oxidative photolysis) with applications in both air and water disinfection, as well as on surfaces.


Also innovative is the application in commercial kitchen hoods that the technology is used to break down fats and fight odors.

We are proud to be its sole agent to provide peace of mind and a clean working environment. 


We have established reliable collaborations in the field of management and utilization of by-products and waste with the companies:  MAVITEC,  NIJHUIS,  DUPPS  and  ELLENDALE.


Today, as we follow the trends in the meat and poultry processing industry as well as the overall production needs to meet new consumer habits, we are constantly growing our business to offer more solutions to support our long-term partners.


1988 Agrotica Exhibition, Thessaloniki

2019 Zootechnia Exhibition, Thessaloniki

Through a series of new partnerships, our company can now provide all the necessary technical support for installation, maintenance and even repair, for all the machines we offer.

Our goal is for the customer to feel safe and for our machines to provide their maximum capacity while maintaining unquestionable quality.


We are determined to continue the tradition of our long-term company and to use to our advantage our experience for more than 30 years that we are active, ready to meet the needs of tomorrow.

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