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With over 30 years experience in the manufacture and supply of small capacity waste incinerators, Ellendale have the range and expertise to meet any requirement.

Whether your requirement is for a unit to service a small poultry farm, or for the disposal of larger carcasses or in applications such as abatoirs, meat processing, animal cremation, veterinary waste disposal or the handling of other, non-animal waste we are sure we can meet your specific needs.


Key benefits of Ellendale incinerators are:

  • Designed for long life - 100% Stainless Steel Casings.

  • Full DEFRA type-approval where appropriate.

  • CE marking where appropriate.

  • High-Grade, fully replaceable molded refractory linings ensuring problem free operation and exceptional equipment life.

  • Wide product range ensures that we can meet your specific requirements.


  • Full support backed up by Ellendale's substantial expertise.

  • Pre-purchase advice on regulations.

  • Advice on planning issues & siting.

  • Recommendations regarding the most suitable equipment.

  • After sales support in operation & maintenance.

  • Full parts & refurbishment service.

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