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Ghekiere supplies hatching eggs and viable day-old broiler chicks with a high health status which provides the best starting point for broiler production.

GHEKIERE is a family business which was founded in 1926 as a personal business and then in 1978 was transformed into a public limited company, which is managed by GEORGE GHEKIERE and his son FILIP GHEKIERE.

Today, after more than 90 years of continuous creative development, it has developed into an extremely respectable company, which has modern privately owned hatcheries with a capacity of 700,000 chicks per week, mostly in broiler chickens and a small part in laying hens.

The company, apart from the hatchery facilities has also developed in the field of parenting for its needs.

Today it has ancestral breeds of both COBB and ROSS, which are developed under the care of the department headed by Dr. MARTINE COELPAERT.


All paternal grandparents are vaccinated under Belgian law, which is known to be one of the strictest in Europe.

The eggs it produces, in addition to those it hatches, are sold on the market.


To date it has successfully cooperated with countries in Africa such as LIBYA, ALGERIA, NIGERIA, CAMEROON and in Europe such as GERMANY, FRANCE, ENGLAND and GREECE.

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