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Gigola & Riccardi SpA is always willing to keep on growing as a company, by investing on research and development of new products, and to provide its clients with the best production standard in response to modern requirements.


Gigola provide a wide range of products for ventilation and evaporative cooling in the poultry industry in order to help farms to operate under the best climate conditions and therefore to maximize productivity.

Climate conditions inside the poultry house can affect production and the correct management of cooling and humidification inside a poultry house is the key to improve the food conversion ratio (FCR) of any breeding.

Feed conversion ratio (FCR) is a measure of an animal efficiency in converting feed mass into increases of the desired output (meat or egg production). This means that increasing the FCR leads to a better return on investment for the farmer.

For both broilers and layers, FCR can be increased by providing the right ventilation and the right humidification, without any interruption due to maintenance stops or breakdowns to the ventilation system.

Our products for poultry houses are developed and produced in order to be reliable and long-lasting, since we know that heat stress can affect animals when the climate is not into defined limits.

The external climate may vary, but the climate inside the tunnel has to remain within a specific range: if it does not happen, this will lead to a quick loss of resources.

Considered the best choice for more than 30 years

Gigola provide a wide range of products for the poultry industry (for broilers, layers and breeders), with a wide range of versions (grid / grid, grid / shutter, cone fans and destratificators), sizes and motor powers.

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