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"Our vision is to be recognized as the best brand in the world 
associated with the production of professional
plastic equipment and components for the 
poultry industry "

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Giordano was founded in 1962 and continues to be run by the Giordano family.  

It has made its production revolve around a material endowed with countless qualities: plastic.


Giordano provides equipment to animal husbandry. This represents the deepest root of the group activity, and the sector in which its longest history has given birth to a wide-ranging and well-structured production and commercial organization worldwide.

Production by Giordano Poultry Plast fully complies with the principles of a circular economy:


• As a raw material, plastic ranks among one of the cheapest and most suitable for recycling.

• At its Italian headquarters and production site, electricity is self-produced by Giordano Energy, a dedicated group company that does not resort to fossil fuels , but only to vegetable or animal fats

From Transporting Poultry to Egg Handling Crates you can view the entire range from our two catalogs below. 

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