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More mouths to feed means major market opportunities for your business, but it also brings serious challenges.

How can you feed the world responsibly without jeopardizing your competitive edge and business continuity?

Working with Meyn means you can rely on intelligent, innovative, customized and sustainable solutions that enable you to meet the challenges of today's market and tomorrow's society. 

Your success is our goal. Every day, all over the world.

MEYN is a technology company in food processing, based in Oostzaan, the Netherlands.


It is one of the world leading manufacturers of systems and machinery for poultry farming and the easier operation of the chicken processing industry.

Founded in 1959, MEYN is now represented worldwide with a network of subsidiaries in 20 countries as well as highly regarded local representatives, offering personalized customer service.


MEYN company has equipped the largest poultry slaughterhouses in the world with machines that produce excellent results, processing a large percentage of world production.

The success of state-of-the-art equipment depends for a great deal on the way it is operated and maintained.


This awareness has put Meyn at the forefront of developing user friendly support products and services.


In today's markets, where cost of ownership becomes increasingly important, Meyn has well understood that value added services are the key to optimal performance and return on investments, in particular if tailored to customers's needs.


  • Global coverage of engineers

  • Global logistics

  • Local support centers


To safeguard the optimal performance of your Meyn equipment, it is extremely important to install high quality replacement parts in case of wear & tear.

Meyn supplies you with original Meyn OEM parts, which have passed the highest standards in design, production and material quality.


You are faced with an increasing competitive environment. In order to stay profitable, creative solutions focusing on maximum revenue over the complete production chain are needed.

Our technologists, with global experience in poultry processing, have all the knowledge it takes to benchmark your facility to the best practices, resulting in a detailed report with recommendations.

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