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Poultrix easy-to-use technology enables broiler and layers farmers to
manage every aspect of their farm.
Our system provides remote, real-time monitoring for immediate control,
as well as business intelligence tools for long-term savings and efficiency.

Make your live-protein production more efficient, sustainable and profitable.
The smart way to manage your farm!

Instant Intergration  

Poultrix technology captures every important detail in the poultry lifecycle by seamlessly integrating into the farm.


All gathered data is displayed on our Dashboard where users can monitor real-time activities, like alerts for weight, mortality, feed and water usage, or view live protein sales and vaccination and medication details. Input from the field can be fed back into the system for immediate efficiency.

Remote visibility

Our easy-to-use technology provides farmers with instant insights from anywhere on desktop or mobile devices, allowing farmers to act quickly upon any anomaly detection.

Optimize your farm

Our mission is to bring cloud based technology to farmers for smarter and more efficient farms.
Which is why we developed a modular SaaS platform aimed at optimizing all aspects of poultry and layers farming management.

Suitable for Vertically Integrated Enterprises (VIE) and independent farms of any size.

This comprehensive platform enables monitoring, management and control of all farming processes from any device at all times.


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