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Innovative Food Processing Equipment
Satisfy your desire for high performance

Provisur devotes time to supporting long-term customer relationships, investing in innovative solutions and strategically expanding its portfolio of machines.

This is why PROVISUR offers only the most reliable and high-performance brands such as AM2C, Lutecia, Weiler & Formax, and others to serve our global customer base.

PROVISUR pushes the boundaries of technology, application innovation and services to offer our customers the greatest possible value.

Barrels & Booths

Patented procedures, tremendous precision and maximum flexibility help make Provisur's Lutetia® a world leader in defrost technology.


The two innovative methods of defrosting that we have include the barrels using vacuum-air and the chambers using cold convection.


Available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, our range of defrost equipment can lead to performance improvements of up to 6% with defrost times that can be up to 4 times faster. 


Mechanical separation of meat, poultry and fish.


Only Provisur offers processors a choice of all three bone removal machines
(With rotary screw, belt and press systems) to meet the exact need for texture and production quality, as well as the economic recovery of meat, poultry and fish, including potatoes, fruits and vegetables.

Rotary screws.
Since 1967, the Beehive® and AM2C® rotary separator brands have been widely regarded as the most versatile in the world, with the unique ability to handle a wide range of raw materials and controls that allow the operator to create a variety of textures.

Belt separators
Provisur belt separators have low rotation speeds, resulting in minimal temperature rise, reduced wear and excellent durability. These separators offer simple and precise performance adjustment, as well as a hygienic design that is easy to clean and reassemble.

Piston dividers
When larger bone sizes pose challenges, Provisur provides powerful press technology with Bone Cannon ™ that extracts high yields of meat remaining after ossification.


Our new STS (Soft Tissue Separator) provides processors with high quality end product performance. This soft tissue separation technology separates bones, cartilage from meat, fish and other applications to ensure higher yields and high quality end products.


Barrels & Injection

Provisur Lutetia® marinating, tenderizing and infusion machines provide state-of-the-art solutions for your application.


The injectors have interchangeable heads and active pressure control for fast, homogeneous injection of brine into the heart of the muscle.


The barrels provide slow gentle handling of the product by homogeneous brine injection. For added flexibility, marinade barrels can also be used to defrost and add colors and aromas.


Industrial milling and mixing equipment

When commercial grinding and mixing systems are evaluated in terms of durability, performance, quality of the final product at the lowest cost of ownership, nothing surpasses Provisur's Weiler® range.


A wide range of innovative solutions for mixing, grinding and handling materials in meat, poultry and seafood processors is provided under the Provisur Weiler brand.

Innovations such as Weiler's Dominator® and Balanced Flow τεχνο technologies help to quickly process fresh and frozen raw materials and have the capacity to meet every processor need.


Industrial shaping equipment

Food forming machines for meat, poultry and fish range from 150 mm to 1 meter wide.  

Formax F-400 transforms medium capacity processing lines with innovative technology. This product line is designed for superior flexibility and texture with the lowest cost of ownership for a medium sized processing line.


The Provisur range of cooking utensils includes Lutetia® and Weiler® frying pans, linear and spiral ovens and cookers.

Weiler® Hot Airflow steam ovens are available in three configurations: Linear, Multilevel and Spiral.

The ovens use thermal oil as a means of heating while the linear ovens can be equipped with electric heating. Designed for flexibility and lower cost of ownership, Weiler Air Flow technology achieves optimal air circulation and heat transfer, preventing product weight loss and maintaining superior quality and texture.


Lutetia® hobs are flexible and effective in both dry and wet cooking. Optimal results are achieved with precise temperature and humidity control. Tailored to meet your space requirements, Lutetia cookware can also be used for other applications, such as defrosting and smoking.


Lutetia® smoking equipment includes smoke chambers that are compatible with a full range of smoke generators and barrels for use with liquid tobacco. Smoking in chambers can also be combined with cooking if desired.

TST Fryer Image.png

Weiler oil fryers

Weiler® Hot Oil fryers include many innovative features, such as optimized heating elements, debris removal systems and sanitary design.


The fryers can be adapted to your specific needs for width, length and / or application.


Smart cutting to increase yields and shredder efficiency.

For bacon processors, the key to achieving higher yields is to make sure each pancetta is in perfect shape before it reaches the cutter.

With Provisur's revolutionary TrimX-FSD, you can cleverly cut out all of the pancetta unevenness before cutting it - leaving you with a perfectly shaped surface where the first slice is a good slice.


Our 3D scanner analyzes and records the shape and dimensions of each pancetta, detects product irregularities and calculates the best way to cut the pancetta for optimal results.


Operators can easily customize and save parameters to suit any customer shredding requirement.


This clever cutting strategy results in increased yield, less pulp and ensures the highest quality feta from any pancetta.


The highest efficiency with minimal operating costs.

When it comes to Fresh Meat Form Pressing for efficient further processing and attractive product presentation, the name you need to know for high yields, reduced fat and low operating costs is Hoegger®.


Around the world, the Hoegger brand is known for its unique 3D, dynamic compression technology that gently but firmly pushes your raw materials into stable shapes and desired dimensions, giving you flexibility of application and helping to reduce the cost of your raw materials.


Designed for complete, quick and easy washing, the Hoegger Form press is your complete solution for optimized process automation.

Slicing - Product Handling and Periphera

High-performance flexibility: Formax & CashinEDGE® provide the power to boost your productivity.

To accurately meet your needs for efficiency and performance, Provisur also offers the Formax® brand for chopping cold cuts, cheeses and natural products, as well as Cashin® brand industrial cutters designed to maximize bacon yields. , pepperoni and bulk products (toppings).


Both Provisur brands use proprietary technology that has been shown to enhance yields, reduce waste and enhance food safety.


All Formax® and Cashin® industrial cutting machines are complemented by the efficiency of Multitec προϊόντων product handling solutions that automate the handling and transport of products, reducing labor and optimizing safety.


Freezing, refrigeration and thawing

For more than 30 years, the Dantech Freezing Systems team has been developing, manufacturing and delivering high quality solutions for the food processing industry. In more than 2,500 system installations worldwide, Dantech is an experienced and reliable partner that provides only the highest quality equipment for your processing needs.


As a recognized global IQF freezer specialist, Dantech Freezing Systems develops, manufactures and supplies standardized and customized high quality solutions.


It can and does offer the lowest energy consumption per kilogram of product produced with the required experience from many sectors of the food industry and recurring valued customers.


Incompatible Insurance with extended life.

Processors around the world rely on the Hoegger® brand to help ensure product safety and quality, extend product life, increase productivity, and optimize production schedules.


Hoegger CookChill systems are designed to produce consistent quality and economical results in pasteurization, cooking and Sous Vide cooking.


You can count on our Hoegger brand to provide fully automated system solutions from the unloading of the packaging machine to the final stage of packaging.


Provisur has managed to innovate and patent multiple inventions and machines, bringing it to the forefront of competition in the further processing industry. 

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Provisur has invested in video in a wide range of its products to help you make an informed choice!​​

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