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Representatives of Poultry Products & Food Industry Machinery

ALPHA DELTA SA has been active in the field of poultry since 1986, covering needs from poultry farms to slaughter and processing, with the guarantee and support of companies such as MEYN and PLASSON.

Our company has developed side by side with the poultry industry of the country, enriching the range of companies it represents, covering all modern requirements for over 30 years.

MEYN Maestro Plus - The most successful eviscerator in the world.

Maestro Plus for fully automated in-line organ harvesting at high speeds. The record high yield of Maestro’s evisceration technology combined with new organ harvesting modules have again resulted in a solution with the highest yield in the market. Minimum waste, maximum profit. 

See more below in the video:
About us

Through a series of new partnerships, our company can now provide all the necessary technical support for installation, maintenance and even repair, for all the machines we offer.

Our goal is for the customer to feel safe and for our machines to offer their maximum capacity while maintaining unquestionable quality.


Worldwide patents and designs pending. Registered international design no. DM/210038.

PlassFENCE by Plasson - Migration Fence

Plasson migration fence is the most efficient and practical way to physically define areas in the chicken house.

  • Installation flexibility

  • Ideal for the Brooding stage or other separation needed in the house

  • Modular system which allows any separation shape and length required

  • Easy to clean and sanitize

  • Light weight and easy to handle

  • Fences can be suspended to enable the ongoing tasks during and in-between cycles Specially designed connectors create the required gaps for feeding and drinking lines


3 Main reasons to use Plasson Feeders.

1. New high cone inside  which allows a relatively low amount of food in the neck of the plate.
- Prevents food oxidation
- Allows fast filling of power lines
Feed line motors run more often, encouraging birds to eat whenever they hear the motors start.

2. Automatic dish - Very easy transition from filling, to normal setting.
- It has legs with which, depending on the age and the height of the line, they automatically adjust the amount of food.

3. Deactivation mechanism - Allows partial line use and allows:
- Feeding only in the breeding area
- Shutdown of supply in part of the cabin, for the first days.

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