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PLASSON Livestock, a world-leading manufacturer of Livestock Equipment and Packages, has been setting the industry standard for more than 50 years.

With humble beginnings with the now world famous PLASSON Bell Drinkers , Plasson Livestock now supplies complete packages of equipment which include drinking and feeding systems as well as complete and expert solutions for housing and climate equipment.


Plasson advanced feeding systems offers a complete solution for all types of growing poultry. A wide range of feeders are designed to fulfill all birds' needs and at the same time allow simple and easy operation for the grower.

Our main focus is achieving optimal results.

As part of Plasson QA policy, all feeding systems are built from top quality materials, and are built to last.

  • Feeder Pans System

  • Chain Feeder System

  • Fill Lines & Cross Auger

  • Feed Storage & Weighing

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PLASSON Livestock is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of complete packages of Equipment and Solutions for the Livestock industry around the world including - Watering, Feeding, and Climate systems.


Plasson is a world leader in water system solutions . Our poultry drinking systems are customized to meet the demands of any climatic conditions around the globe, with special expertise in extreme climates.

50 years of experience enables us a comprehensive view of the water handling and drinking needs required for each and every project.

  • Nipple System

  • Bell Drinkers

  • Water Management

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Today, PLASSON is an international company with over 1800 highly skilled employees worldwide and wholly owned subsidiaries in over 15 countries.

PLASSON has been publicly traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1997.

The founders 'commitment to quality, service, fair dealing and respect for customers' views has not changed since day one, and, are the secrets of PLASSON's success today.

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